In the beginning there was light (trailer)

FILM SYNOPSIS Is it possible that human beings can survive without food and fluid over many years and live on light alone? Are we confronted with quackery or with forgotten knowledge? IN THE BEGINNING THERE WAS LIGHT follows the phenomenon […]


Measuring the magic of the mutual gaze.

The video above shows a 3min recording and visualization of brain activity of two people engaged in eye-contact. Connecting waves reflect moments where their brains were “on the same wavelength.” Pulsations/locations reflect where/what frequency was dominant at that given time […]


Where mind and body swing back and forth

Through the simple act of consciously taking a deep breath, we nurture feelings of connectivity, interdependence, empathy, and compassion – the felt feeling of being present to one another. The twelve-minute video Where mind and body swing back and forth, […]


On Meditation : Documenting the Inner Journey

ON MEDITATION is an evolving series of portrait films that explore the deeply personal practice of meditation. Practiced for thousands of years, meditation is at once profound and simple:  the focused attempt to move beyond conditioned “thinking” into a deeper […]

Consciousness, Meditation

Brain Pulse Music

Masaki Batoh, musician formerly of the band Ghost and currently also an acupuncturist, conceived of the Brain Pulse Music Machine (BPM Machine) made to translate brain waves into sound waves which the wearer can learn to control to make music. […]


The Science of Lucid Dreaming

video credits: Written and created by Mitchell Moffit (twitter @mitchellmoffit) and Gregory Brown (twitter @whalewatchmeplz). TWITTER: FACEBOOK: Music by Mitchell Moffit Art by Gregory and Mitchell Some Sources— 1) 2) 3) 4) 5)

Consciousness, Entheogens, NDE, OBE

Exploring the Edge Realms of Consciousness: An Introduction

by DANIEL PINCHBECK This essay is the introduction to the new Reality Sandwich anthology, Exploring the Edge Realms of Consciousness: Liminal Zones, Psychic Science, and the Hidden Dimensions of the Mind, edited by Daniel Pinchbeck and Ken Jordan and published by Evolver Editions/North […]


Silver Cord (graphic novel)

Since the beginning of time, the world of humans and the world of angels have run parallel but apart, connected only by a single tunnel of light. Humans know the tunnel as the passageway that lifts their souls after death. […]


Stepping Into the Fire

Stepping Into the Fire is the cinematic release that reaches into the ash of the bare bones of existence and asks the question “is humanity born to die, or is humanity born to live?” The film follows the true story […]


Sacred Science

The mythology behind Amazonian Shamanism is a rich and fascinating study and the filmmakers behind The Sacred Science have sought to take the documentary experience to the next level by seeking real, tangible results. The indigenous plant medicines and spiritual […]


Tonglen Guided Meditation by Tulku Tsori Rinpoche

The Tonglen meditation is a Tibetan Buddhist practice for overcoming the fear of suffering and for dissolving the tightness of our heart. Primarily it is a method for awakening the compassion that is inherent in all of us.


Journeys Out of The Body

Robert Allen Monroe (October 30, 1915–March 17, 1995) was a New York radio broadcasting executive who became known for his research into altered consciousness. His 1971 book Journeys Out of the Body is credited with popularizing the term “out-of-body experience”. […]